Published on 07.02.2018
Gardens are in the spotlight in many European countries.
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The European Year of Cultural Heritage aims to promote heritage as a central element of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. This year will highlight the best practices for preserving and safeguarding heritage as well as developing its knowledge among a wide and diverse public. Several thousand events will be organized throughout the year in more than 25 countries to highlight the cultural heritage in France and Europe.

Under the theme Europe of Gardens, the 2018 edition of European Rendez-vous in garden will also be organized in several European countries: Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

This event is an opportunity to highlight the network "HEREIN in the garden", a European network of information on garden policy that brings together the European public administrations responsible for national policies and strategies in the cultural heritage sector. To date, some fifteen member states of the Council of Europe contribute to the dynamics of this project and form a unique network of cooperation.

HEREIN in the garden aims to promote the exchange of information and know-how, to promote national and international actions around gardens, and to raise awareness among the various audiences.


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