The art of gardens in Europe

Published on 03.04.2018
Monique Mosser, historian of garden art, presents a panorama of the Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour is a long journey around Europe made by young people of the highest classes, but also by artists and "intellectuals" (writers, art lovers, collectors), European society between the XVI and XVIII century, intended to perfect the education of young travelers.

The Grand Tour contributed to a large extent to the diffusion of neoclassicism for the arts in general (architecture, sculpture, painting). He also played a founding role in the constitution of the repertoire of the picturesque which was to inspire the "new fashionable gardens" and thus in the constitution and dissemination of the art of gardens across Europe.

In her article, Monique Mosser, a former researcher at CNRS and a specialist in garden art, uses the Grand Tour as a gateway to tell the story of this art in Europe, through the centuries. Discover the History of Garden Art by downloading his presentation.