Terms and Conditions

Published on 19.03.2015


1. Publisher

"Rendezvousauxjardins.fr" is published by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

2. Hosting

"Rendezvousauxjardins.fr" is hosted by the services of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

3. Director of Publication

Arnaud Roffignon, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture and Communication

Marion Bougeard, Information and Communication Officer of the Ministry of Culture and Communication

Directorate General of Heritage: General Coordination

4. Address

Ministry of culture and communication
general Secretariat
182, rue Saint-Honoré, 75033 Paris, Cedex 01

5. Definitions

"MCC Websites" means the sites "Culture.fr", "Culturecommunication.gouv.fr" and the sites of major events.

"Partners" refers to public institutions under supervision, local authorities as well as any third party contributor.


Any person who accesses the MCC Websites, any of the editorial offers or associated services accepts and agrees to respect, without restriction or reservation, these terms and conditions of use in force.


These General Terms and Conditions of Use are intended to define the terms of access and reuse of the content and data present on the MCC Websites.


The applicable General Conditions of Use are those whose current version is accessible online on the portal at the following address:

For "Culture.fr": http://www.culture.fr/Mentions-legales

For "Culturecommunication.gouv.fr": http://www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Mentions-legales

and on the date of the User's login.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication currently audits the legal notices of its publications and reserves the right to make substantial modifications or not, at any time and without notice, to these Terms of Use, in order to put them in accordance with the recommendations of the report on the opening and sharing of cultural public data published in January 2014. Therefore, Users are recommended to regularly refer to these Terms of Use to keep abreast of their eventual evolution . All the files allowing a free and free reuse of the cultural contents and cultural data of the Ministry of Culture and Communication will eventually be downloadable within a dedicated space on the MCC Websites as well as on the governmental platform data .gouv.fr.


According to the provisions of Article 24 of Law No. 78-753 of 17 July 1978 on various measures to improve relations between the administration and the public and various administrative, social and fiscal Article 42 of Decree No. 2005-1755 of 30 December 2005 on the freedom of access to administrative documents and the reuse of public information.


4.1 General Structure of MCC Websites
The general structure of the MCC Websites is the exclusive property of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is made available under the terms of the license CC-BY-SA  3.0 FR

4.2 Trademarks
The trademarks of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and its partners as well as the logos appearing on the site are trademarks registered with the INPI and are, as such, protected by an industrial property right.

Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or these logos made from the elements of the site without the express authorization of the administration is thus strictly prohibited and constitutes a crime of counterfeit within the meaning of the code of the intellectual property.

4.3 Cultural contents and public data
4.3.1 Content and cultural data produced by the Ministry of Culture and Communication

a) Text
The texts available on the MCC Websites are scientific, cultural and educational content developed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. They are made available under the terms of the license CC-BY-SA 3.0 FR

b) Images / Hyperimages
Images and hyperimages include photographs, screenshots and illustrations.

Subject to the intellectual property rights of third parties, the images and images that are the exclusive property of the Ministry of Culture and Communication are made available under the terms of the license CC-BY-SA 3.0 FR

Images that have entered the public domain are indicated as such by the affixing of the public domain mark.

For hyperimages associating a hypertext link, refer to article 4.4.

c) Multimedia
The contents of the Multimedia section are the exclusive property of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

As such, any reproduction, total or partial representation, any use, adaptation, provision or modification of such data and content, by any means whatsoever, by any person whatsoever and by any means whatsoever or, without the express permission of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, any authors or their assigns, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an offense of infringement within the meaning of the code of intellectual property.

Only use for strictly personal purposes or for educational purposes is permitted, subject to obtaining prior express authorization from the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

d) Metadata
The metadata includes the records, abbreviated records and thesauri available on the MCC Websites. They are made available under the terms of the open license.

e) Other public data (statistics, economic, etc.)
Public data held or produced by the Ministry of Culture and Communication not referred to in the previous articles is made available by default under the terms of the open license.

Credit cultural cultural content and data from MCC Internet Sites under an open license:

The user who wishes to reuse the contents and data thus made must indicate:

  1. the title associated with the content or the data,
  2. the name of the author,
  3. the name and a link to the source (when the name of the author is unavailable, the name and the link to the source are sufficient)
  4. indication of the license under which the content or data was made available

4.3.2 Content and cultural data produced by the Partners of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and identified on the MCC Websites
The general conditions of use of the partners apply to all the cultural contents and data that they produce or hold and which are accessible on the MCC Websites.

4.4 Hypertext links
The MCC Websites may provide deep hypertext links pointing to third party websites and references to other websites. These links or references do not constitute an approval or a validation of their contents. The MCC Website Publisher shall in no way be held liable for the content of such sites, and shall not be liable for any damage or injury arising therefrom. The fact of offering deep links to other sites provided to users solely for the sake of convenience does not create any obligation whatsoever on the part of the MCC Website Publisher which does not no means of control and monitoring of the referenced site and its evolutions and updates.

The creation of hypertext links to the MCC Websites is free provided that it does not affect the material or moral interests of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and that it does not create confusion on the source. services and / or contents.


The personal data of users - such as IP address, operating system, browser and configuration used without this enumeration being exhaustive - can be collected when browsing the MCC Websites.

Similarly, e-mails sent to the editors of the CMC Websites and e-mail addresses used to send additional information may be retained. This personal data is intended solely for the proper functioning and dynamics of the MCC Websites. In this respect, they will in no case be sold, rented or exchanged for any consideration whatsoever and will not be made visible on the site or communicated to a third party.

The MCC Website Publisher undertakes to implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect such personal data against, in particular, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access, and to preserve their total confidentiality.

The Website Editor of the MCC also undertakes to keep the personal data for a period not exceeding that necessary to achieve the purpose for which they are collected.

Pursuant to articles 38, 39 and 40 of the amended law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have a free right of access, rectification and opposition to data concerning you or concerning deceased persons which you are the successors.
If you wish to exercise this right you can contact the editorial site by email at the following address: webmaster [at] culture.gouv.fr
The user undertakes not to carry out operations that may affect the proper functioning of the site, all the information disseminated and the image of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
Article 25 of the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relative to the computing, the files and the freedoms mentioned above, requires authorization:
"Automated treatments for:

- the interconnection of files belonging to one or more legal persons managing a public service and whose purposes correspond to different public interests;

- the interconnection of files belonging to other persons whose main purposes are different ".

5.1 Cookie Usage Policy
The user is informed that by continuing to browse the MCC Websites, he accepts the use of cookies intended to offer him content and services adapted to his interests.

The cookie is a block of data that does not identify users but is used to record the information relating to the navigation of it on the site.

The user may disable these cookies through the settings contained within its browser and possibly refuse it as described at the following address: www.cnil.fr.

The user has all the aforementioned rights with respect to the personal data communicated through cookies in the conditions indicated above.

6. Comments on the contents of the MCC Websites and moderations
All content available and accessible on the MCC Websites is not open for comment. Comments can be moderated a priori. However, the MCC Website Editor reserves the right, by right and without prior justification, not to publish, moderate, edit or delete comments.

7. Liability and Erratum
The information displayed on the MCC Websites is for informational purposes only. They are modifiable at any time and without notice.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication can not be held liable for direct and indirect, foreseeable and unforeseeable damages such as loss of profit or gain, loss of data, loss of material and costs of repair, recovery or reproduction resulting from the use and / or inability to use the services and contents of the site.

Despite the care and controls of the MCC Web site editorial team, unintentional errors or omissions may remain on the site. If you wish to inform us of your remarks or complaints, you can contact the editors of the site at the following address:


8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These general conditions of use are entirely subject to French law. The user of the MCC Websites recognizes the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Paris.